Sunnyvale Violin Lessons


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    The modern violin we know today actually originates from instruments brought to Europe via the Middle East thousands of years ago. Since that time the voice of the violin has become a hallmark of the orchestral sound, and is also found in jazz, pop, and country music. Today there are even electric violins as the instrument continues to evolve. The violin seems to have a sound quality similar to the human voice, which could be one reason the instrument, has remained viable for so long, and why it is studied by so many students. Violin students take lessons for various reasons. For some people, lessons are a chance to explore the violin for the first time, while for others instruction needed to brush up on old material or to prepare for an audition.



Do you aspire to learn more about the violin? Playing the violin can be a rewarding experience, but there's much to know, so it's important to find an experienced teacher to help you advance to the next level as well as avoid common pitfalls.